Your Hotel’s Google Visibility Improves Bookings

Online search has become the dominant tool for finding, well, virtually anything. It serves a massive range of purpose; whether it’s academic, work-related, entertainment, or shopping, people are increasingly reliant on digital search.

No search engine does this better than Google. At the top of the search engine hierarchy, Google has become a treasure trove of information by accessing millions of sources from all over the globe. Its success allowed it to integrate itself seamlessly into our lifestyles.

Visibility Is Everything

As such, in the age of Google, it matters a great deal for businesses to have an online presence. And, putting up a website haphazardly won’t cut it; it has to be well-built and optimized for Google to display it prominently amongst a sea of similar sites. The hospitality industry is no exception here.

It pays to know that travelers rely heavily on Google search results, and studies prove this with 81% of them preferring Google when hunting for accommodation. Boosting a website’s presence involves mastery of rich snippets, user experience (UX), and search engine optimization (SEO), which are all parts of a well-crafted hotel digital marketing campaign.

Imagine a customer looking online for a place to spend the night. If the Google search turned up relevant results, with information organized in a concise way, it’s highly likely that the customer will book a stay in that hotel.

Accommodation with Google Trips

The search giant continues to innovate in providing convenient services for its users. One relevant example is its newest mobile app, Google Trips. It is billed as a “personal travel guide in your pocket,” enabling travelers to plan out their trips easily.

Google Trips is notable in the way it helps hotels get direct bookings. Through the contact information provided in-app, customers may call the hotel to make reservations.

Make Your Website Easy to Find

Hoteliers would be well-advised to optimize their local listings and maintain consistently high review scores. Google prioritizes organic results and will rank highly hotel services that are well-reviewed with favorable reputations. This makes finding your hotel very easy when looked up online.

Once your website is properly optimized and ranking well on Google, you can focus on managing the flood of reservations from eager clients. Achieving this is easy, and the first step you can take is to consult our dedicated hospitality marketing firm to serve your needs.

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