Why Live Chat Communication Helps Your Hotel Get Bookings

Web design plays a big role in why a customer chooses to interact. Design raises curiosity for its visual impact, but web development delivers a seamless experience that turns your visitor into a customer.

One good example is a live chat widget.

It’s the instant messaging app built into many websites. You probably have seen one, and if you’re angling for higher customer interaction (and incidentally, better service), consider implementing one for your hotel website.

A Communication Setup That Works

A live chat app connects with your website visitors—instantly. Once they get onto your website, you get an opportunity to “put on” your best and extend a personal touch to every inquiry. It’s the first impression that allows your hotel website to edge out the competition.

The appeal of a live chat eliminates wait time for customers; it combines the accessibility of a phone call (and no muzak) and the convenience of an email, but with instant response. With this communication tool on your website, your staff doesn’t need to take days before addressing a customer inquiry.

A report from EyeforTravel reveals that 29% of hotels take a day to one week to answer a customer inquiry through Facebook Messenger.  Imagine the lost opportunities when your hotel takes days to reply to a booking question or worse, a guest complaint.

Live chat apps allow your hotel business to engage potential guests. With the right app, you can convert a simple inquiry into a confirmed booking.

Enhanced Customer Service

More than that, consumers are used to communicating through this medium when it comes to engaging businesses. In fact, a Zendesk study finds that 92% of customers feel satisfaction using a live chat feature. Compared to voice, with an 88% satisfaction, and email, with 85%, it’s a touchpoint that provides more opportunities for securing or enhancing customer service.

With a live chat app, you can engage visitors while they’re in the process of deciding between hotels. It’s an opportune moment to persuade a website visitor, and gently nudge a room inquiry toward an online booking.

There are several levels to improve customer interaction for your hotel website. You can achieve it through a livelier UX (user experience), smart logo placement, or a website structure that captures your target market. You also have numerous options in terms of design to captivate visitors.

Our web design for hotels delivers an honest and transparent process that helps you achieve goals for your business.

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