Optimized Images Can Help Your Site Rank, Too

Images add visual appeal to websites. They are especially useful for the hotel industry since guests always look for photos of the rooms and amenities. Posting high-quality images on your website, therefore, could help pique patron interest and secure a booking. Additionally, optimizing images may increase your website’s potential for ranking in organic search.

At Peak 14 Media, we maximize hospitality photography for your SEO campaign. We are based in Colorado, but we can work with hotels from around the country.

Original and HQ Images Work Best

There are two things you need to think about when deciding which images to use on your website: suitability and quality.

Choose the right images

Does an image convey your message? Is it suitable for your hotel’s brand? These are important questions to consider about your images. It’s important to note, too, that according to surveys, consumers respond better to images showing real people who are not too “pose-y.”

Choose high-quality images

The optimal size for a full-size website background is 1,250 x 800 pixels or higher. For other uses, the best image file size will depend on how big the image is supposed to appear on the page. Although a large image size is not always indicative of quality, high-resolution images are usually larger than non-high-resolution images.

Quality vs. File Size

Speaking of resolutions and file sizes, you may have to find a compromise between the two considerations. A website with entirely high-resolution images may look amazing, but if they cause the page to load slowly, this could affect your website’s ranking potential. For instance, a popular study by Aberdeen Group discovered that a 1-second delay in page loading time could result in as much as an 11% decrease in page views, among other things.

Filenames and Alt-Texts

Text is vital to optimizing images. By using strategic words in your alt-text, you can attract traffic to your site from Google Image searches. Filenames are equally important since they can give the same benefit. Unfortunately, many overlook this technique and simply stick to the file-naming system used by cameras.

The best way to write alt-texts is to describe the identity of the image. Think basic sentences, like pool with a view of the beach or a luxurious bed in an executive suite. With filenames, you can add your brand identity like the name of your hotel or the name of the specialty dish that your hotel’s restaurant serves.

These tips will serve you well if you are managing the website for your hotel, inn, or bed and breakfast. If you are eager for optimal results, however, talk to us at Peak 14 Media. Our hotel photography and hospitality videography services have produced great results for our clients.

You can benefit from our expertise, too. Contact us for more information.

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