Hospitality for Millennials: Rethinking Luxury

We’ve heard it many times before. Millennials eschew luxury: posh cars, big homes, expensive clothes and jewelry, and the many fine things in life that baby boomers would toil for their whole lives. But one thing is certain, this generation has the biggest number of travelers to date.

And hotels need to adapt and redefine luxury to fill more rooms and remain competitive amid the rise of sharing economy. As a matter of fact, a number of luxury hotels have made the move to make their rooms attractive to millennials. And they are doing so by tailoring their services to this demographic’s unique definition of luxury.

Local Touches

The reason Millennials travel a lot is that they crave unique experiences. They don’t go to traditional museums and heritage hotels anymore; they go to local secret spots, such as boutique art galleries, pubs, craft stores, cafés, bookstores, or underground clubs.

As a link between tourists and the local, hotels should provide access to these unique experiences to attract millennials to their lobbies, or even recreate the experience in the hotel premises. Communal spaces, roof decks, and DJ stations will instantly add an authentic touch to the overall hotel experience.

Going Green

A growing environmental consciousness is one of the reasons millennials are turning their backs on anything that represents luxury, and fancy hotels are on that list. If sustainable traveling is a thing now because of this generation, and a handful of hotels are taking the path of eco-friendly hospitality.

Digital Connectivity

Another way to get millennials flocking to your hotel lobby is to create a strong online presence. Web design for hotels needs to leverage any form of internet marketing. You also need to take advantage of different channels to get people to talk about the hotel on social media.

With millennials, if a business doesn’t have a good website or engaging social media page, it doesn’t exist in real life.

Getting into the mindset of millennials is a big challenge to hoteliers and any business owner, for that matter. To get to their good side, hotels need to first understand the things that millennials attach value to and what constitutes as luxury, and create a hotel experience based on that insight.

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