Common Web Design Fails You Need to Fix Right Now

Creating and maintaining a website involves hard work. Seeing it go live is a moment of pride, and you expect it to rake in visitors, clicks, and of course, bookings. When none of them happens, it might be time to wonder what kind of website you implemented.

More than featuring beautiful pictures of services and facilities, a good site must have given lots of thought to the user. If you feel your site isn’t living up to the potential you envisioned, find out if you’re committing the most common design mistakes that plague websites today – and see how you can correct them.

Sluggish Loading

Superfluous elements, such as JavaScript animations and other design gimmicks, bog down site speed. It’s better to have a quick, responsive site with minimal fluff than a Broadway-style visual presentation that takes forever to load. Users will not wait around to appreciate your design and will close that browser tab instead.

Performance is an integral part of your web design. Increase the quality of your site by stripping it of unnecessary decorations and focus on making it run smoothly.

Inconsistent Design Elements

A home page that looks different from the other pages reeks of poor quality. Ease of use comes with a streamlined and coherent design language that reflects the uniqueness of your business. Clean and clear page layouts direct the user’s attention appropriately. Minimize pop-ups, videos, and other media to let users get to the content they want to see quickly and without fuss.

Walls of Text

Most users barely read the text in a business web page. Those who do just scan the content for keywords that are relevant to their search. Websites don’t work the same as books, and pages upon pages of uninterrupted text bring down the quality drastically. Break up your text with formatting, paragraphs, headings, and sub-headings. Use images appropriately to augment the content of the page.

Bad web design is bad for business, to put it simply. Evaluate your website for any of the design failures above and address these mistakes accordingly. Our web development services for hotels provide comprehensive re-tooling of your site for a satisfying and user-friendly experience for customers. Contact us now for a free design consultation.

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