Website Statistics And Facts You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Business man writing internet marketing statistics on whiteboard.

Struggling to decide if it’s time for a website design upgrade or start marketing your business? We have your back! As stated earlier in our about page we are huge data collectors and making informed decisions is important for a business to thrive and help eliminate business failure. To help, we’ve collected some of the […]

Optimized Images Can Help Your Site Rank, Too

Hotel using optimized images of their rooms to help their website to rank higher.

Images add visual appeal to websites. They are especially useful for the hotel industry since guests always look for photos of the rooms and amenities. Posting high-quality images on your website, therefore, could help pique patron interest and secure a booking. Additionally, optimizing images may increase your website’s potential for ranking in organic search. At […]

Which Button Goes Where? The Science of Effective Hotel Websites

Hotel website deciding where to place their booking button on website.

How do people (your clients, in particular) read web pages? That’s a question hoteliers need to answer. Majority of your potential clients trust the Internet for accommodations when they travel; therefore, it makes sense to present them with a website that works. A good website, however, is more than just pretty graphics and words. Dwelling […]

Why Live Chat Communication Helps Your Hotel Get Bookings

Live chat bubble icons.

Web design plays a big role in why a customer chooses to interact. Design raises curiosity for its visual impact, but web development delivers a seamless experience that turns your visitor into a customer. One good example is a live chat widget. It’s the instant messaging app built into many websites. You probably have seen one, […]

Hospitality for Millennials: Rethinking Luxury

Happy millennial couple traveling and staying at luxury hotels.

We’ve heard it many times before. Millennials eschew luxury: posh cars, big homes, expensive clothes and jewelry, and the many fine things in life that baby boomers would toil for their whole lives. But one thing is certain, this generation has the biggest number of travelers to date. And hotels need to adapt and redefine […]

Appealing to Millennials: Promoting Your Hotel to a Younger Target Market

Millennials packing to go on vacation.

As hotels evolve to cater to the younger, more tech-savvy generation, it’s clear that they also need to step up their marketing game. For this reason, new and established brands alike are starting to do away with the beige by adding more modern features that appeal to a younger target market. Hotels renovate their spaces […]

Common Web Design Fails You Need to Fix Right Now

Business graph on a computer declines due to common web design fails.

Creating and maintaining a website involves hard work. Seeing it go live is a moment of pride, and you expect it to rake in visitors, clicks, and of course, bookings. When none of them happens, it might be time to wonder what kind of website you implemented. More than featuring beautiful pictures of services and […]

Your Hotel’s Google Visibility Improves Bookings

Hotel website online booking engine on laptop.

Online search has become the dominant tool for finding, well, virtually anything. It serves a massive range of purpose; whether it’s academic, work-related, entertainment, or shopping, people are increasingly reliant on digital search. No search engine does this better than Google. At the top of the search engine hierarchy, Google has become a treasure trove […]

Heeding the Irresistible Call of Hospitality Marketing

Internet marketing manager reviewing website over tablet.

It’s obvious by now that the hospitality industry is fiercely competitive like few other industries. It’s not so much as a dog-eat-dog scenario, but more of a David-and-Goliath thing. The presence of the big chains can really produce fear and hinder you from stepping out in your business plan. But, as imposing as these giants […]