Appealing to Millennials: Promoting Your Hotel to a Younger Target Market

As hotels evolve to cater to the younger, more tech-savvy generation, it’s clear that they also need to step up their marketing game.

For this reason, new and established brands alike are starting to do away with the beige by adding more modern features that appeal to a younger target market. Hotels renovate their spaces to integrate artsy social and co-working areas; Instagrammable spots that are conducive to taking selfies, for instance.

In the marketing department, hotels have started taking on some of the most popular online marketing techniques, such as improving website content and maximizing videos.

Here are more techniques you can use to promote your hotel business to a younger demographic:

  1. Harness the power of videos.

The video is one of the most influential forms of storytelling today. Where traditional content can’t capture facial expressions or evoke emotions through voice and music, videos can. Create an engaging video that conveys your hotel’s unique features. Include photos of the beautiful location or the best amenities, to make potential visitors feel as if they’re there.

  1. Invest in being Instagram-worthy.

An Instagrammable space works not only to impress your visitors; it has the potential to introduce your hotel to your guests’ followers on social media. Install bold art that makes great backdrops for selfies, or add interesting design elements, unique furniture, décor, or intriguing trinkets that complement your hotel’s overall theme.

  1. Improve and tailor your SEO.

If you have always directed your website’s content towards more mature guests, it’s high time for an overhaul. Enlist the help of professionals in making new, quality content that talks to the kind of consumers you wish to attract. If your site has new, targeted content, it’s easier for travelers to find your brand online.

Revamping your current marketing campaign to extend your reach to a younger audience is easy when you work with a reputable online hotel marketing company. Peak 14 Media is a leader in the hotel marketing industry. We offer a full range of smart digital marketing solutions including SEO, social media marketing, and web design to businesses in the hospitality industry.

Browse through our services and let us know how we could help you.

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